In a nutshell

Hello world!

It’s been awhile… okay- it’s been more than awhile, about a month and a half to be more precise. BUT! I just dropped off my last return to my incharge this morning, and *knock on wood* there shouldn’t be any new assignments coming my way for 10/15 so close to the deadline. It has been a busy non-busy season, busy season… Wait, what? That doesn’t make sense you say? Welcome to public accounting :)

For the last month or so I have pretty much been a stressed, exhausted, emotional hot mess, and that’s saying a lot coming from a girl who generally is not very emotional.  And yet here I was sitting in front of my computer for hours on end staring at excel spreadsheets and tax software from sun up to well after sundown, and the very idea of coming home and trying to write or read or use my computer or think or move or do anything at all really, made me want to cry. In fact, let be honest, I probably did. Okay I did :P

But I am starting to regain some of my stamina and feel like it’s safe to attempt re-entry among the land of the living once again, ironcally, just in time for Holloween? With that said, first-things-first, quick briefing on a what’s been up (aside from work) since my last entry:

1) I wrapped up my 8 weeks of “I Quit Sugar” experiment.


To be honest, it was kind of a rocky landing. Once I got to the chapter for “Adding a little sweetness back in,” I kind of stopped keeping track. That’s not to say I tossed in the towel, life just got super busy and I just stopped worrying about it so much. But since then, one thing I’ve been really pleased with is that I haven’t had the desire to slip back into old patterns. Most sugary things truly and genuinely aren’t that appealing anymore, and when I do have a little something sweet, it stays at something little. And the best part? I kid you not people, no more cravings. I finally feel free. It’s pretty awesome.

So, sorry I kinda fell off the planet in terms of following up at the end of each week, but just know it was a well-worth it experiment-turned life-style, and if you’re ever feeling super ambitious… check it out here: I Quit Sugar. Could be a good post-holiday detox ;)

2) Witnessed my beautiful younger sister’s homecoming festivities. She is a senior this year (which is absolutely insane) at the high school I graduated from, and was on homecoming court this year, appropriately following suit after her two older sisters ;) I don’t think I have been back to the school since our next oldest sister was on court 4 years ago, so it was kind of fun to be back. And what’s more, we actually won the game! I couldn’t believe it, I don’t think we EVER won a game while I attended there, except for when we played Stayton of course… but that’s just a given ;)

Anyway- here is a picture of my lovely sister, Amanda and her adorable boyfriend.

I know, it’s kind of ridiculous how gorgeous she is. It was absolutely insane at work last week, and I left in a panic to make it to her game. I made it just about 15 minutes prior to the half time show, and was so thankful I got to see her roll out onto the field on the back of some shiny porsche convertible, escorted by our handsome father in the same suit he has worn to escort each of us girls… his only suit for that matter. You know it’s a special occasion when farmer-dad busts that sucker out :)

3) Started the planning for another great seasonal celebration: 2nd annual Fall Festive will be a week from tomorrow actually. I’m kind of freaking out about it already… way too much to be done in 1 weeks time. But I have some pretty cool plans up my sleeve, and c’mon- who doesn’t want to celebrate FALL!!? And the rain this morning, just sealed the deal. It’s officially Fall… even if I’m not very happy about the rain bit.

And alas, now that busy season is more or less over for awhile, I’ll be back to check in soon.

Grace & Peace


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