when words don’t work

For someone who values words so much, I really hate it when they don’t work

when they fall short, flat and empty

when words do work, they have this profound ability to bring so much life and healing

except when they don’t, and they can’t

there is a language that exists that is not contained in letters and syllables

it is neither tethered nor encumbered by words

it goes unspoken and unheard

it is only felt

there are times in life when the ache runs so deep that there simply is no mélange of letters in existence that are at all worth uttering

and still there are moments when it’s difficult to know whether those same words that fall short, flat and empty are worth attempting nonetheless

i’m so sorry…

my heart hurts so much for you…

if ever there is anything at all I can do…

but when it all sounds so trite, is silence really golden?

if words don’t work, from whence does comfort come?

how is mourning shared if words can’t capture the petitions of the heart?

i know it can be done, i know it’s possible

because i have been on the receiving end

i have born witness to the impact of what it means to have someone sit in the ashes with me and just be

when words won’t work, even empathy is shortcoming

my pain does not negate nor even attenuate your own

i wish it could, i wish it did

i would gladly bear the burden on your behalf

but i know better

and when nothing can make the hurt stop

there is something about not sitting in the ashes [or sand, or wherever devestation finds you] alone that ever-so-subtly assuages the anguish

even when there is no comfort to be had and none to be found

i don’t know how to help you

and it’s a harrowing feeling

but i’m here

and i hurt with you

along side of you

and when words leave us wanting, when nothing can be done

you can go to the bank on the fact that you are blanketed in prayers

i pray to God you feel them and find some comfort there


One thought on “when words don’t work

  1. I disagree, your words work very well Cayla and don’t fall anywhere near short. Thank you for your card and compassion. Love, dave

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